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Your garage door motor is integral to the door opener’s function. When the motor needs replacing, you must work with a professional company for perfect results.

Our team at Superior Overhead Doors has years of experience in garage door motor replacements. We offer unmatched customer service at highly competitive rates. Our commercial and residential garage door technicians will always do the job right the first time.

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Garage Door Opener

When Should You Change Your Garage Door Motor?

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When your garage door opener no longer responds, it’s time to look at the motor and consider a replacement.

A burned-out motor will make clicking sounds when it attempts to operate. You may also notice a slight smell of burning wires. The garage door opener will no longer respond to your remote control operations when the motor malfunctions.

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A Customer-Centric Garage Door Replacement Service

We use high-quality products to deliver long-lasting results. Our services are:

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